Family Interconnection Peer Program

Family Interconnection Peer Program (FIPP) - 

The Family Interconnection Peer Program (FIPP) is a comprehensive program aimed at assisting parents, caregivers, & families in various areas of their lives while navigating the child protection system. Here is a breakdown of the key components: 

PFAinc offers distinctive and mutual support to individuals susceptible and currently experiencing intersectionality* within the child protection system. 

Program Provides:

The Family Interconnection Peer Program provides a range of services and support to families, parents, and individuals who are involved with or at risk of involvement with the child protection system. Here are the key components of the program:


Program Length of Time: 

Rollout Phases: 


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*Intersectionality - "Intersectionality is just a metaphor for understanding the ways that multiple forms of inequality or disadvantage sometimes compound themselves and they create obstacles that often are not understood within conventional ways of thinking about anti-[ism]... its a prism for understanding certain kinds of problems...commit [one's self] to understanding that as a way of intervening and providing equal opportunities for all regardless of their identities... you can't change outcomes without understanding how they've come about..." - Kimberle Crenshaw