Parent-Child Community Visit Program

Parent-Child Community Visit Program 

Proactive Families Advocacy Inc. is committed to promoting family well-being and positive parenting interactions. Our Parent-Child Community Visit Program is designed to offer a safe, supportive, and structured environment for parents (caregivers, legal guardians, or non-custodians) to connect with their children during supervised and unsupervised visitation sessions. These sessions are particularly beneficial in cases where involvement with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) or Family Court necessitates supervised and unsupervised visits. Our program seeks to strengthen family relationships, support parenting skills, and ensure the best interests of families.

Key Program Features:

~ A Site for Supervised or Unsupervised Visitation ~

~ Family-Centered Approach ~

~ Supportive Environment ~

~ Parenting Support ~

~ Flexible Scheduling ~

~ Cultural Sensitivity ~

~ Community Resources ~

~ Continued Support ~

~ Affordable Cost** ~


Program Goals:

~ To provide a safe and structured environment for parents and children to reconnect and rebuild relationships. 

~ Dedicated commitment to actively striving for family reunification 

~ To support parents in developing positive parenting skills and techniques.

~ To ensure compliance with court-ordered visitation requirements or recommendations from DCF.

~ To prioritize the well-being and best interests of families involved in the program.

~ To empower families to strengthen their bonds and achieve positive outcomes.



Our Parent-Child Community Visit Program is available to parents, caregivers, non-custodians, or legal guardians who are mandated or recommended to engage in supervised and unsupervised visitation by the court or DCF. The program may also be accessible to non-mandated families seeking supervised and unsupervised visitation services.


How to Participate:

To enroll in our program, interested individuals can complete an application form, which helps us understand their specific needs, involvement with DCF or Family Court, and participation preferences. Confirmation of eligibility, including verification of Family Interconnection Peer Program (FIPP) status, will be conducted.



We understand the sensitivity of family situations and maintain strict confidentiality of all information shared during program participation, in compliance with applicable privacy laws.


** Our program is committed to affordability. Non-FIPP (Family Interconnection Peer Program) participants can access supervised and unsupervised visitation sessions at a cost of $20 per hour during the weekdays and $30 per hour on the weekends. This pricing structure aims to make our services accessible to a wide range of families. Additionally, there are no intake fees associated. 

For inquiries or to start the enrollment process, please click the link below and submit an application form. 

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Proactive Families Advocacy Inc.'s Parent-Child Community Visit Program is dedicated to strengthening families, supporting parents, and ensuring the well-being of children. Our program creates opportunities for positive interactions and healing, guided by a commitment to family unity and growth.